Master P – The soldier with no limit

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Master P – The Soldier with no limit

Master P (real name Percy Miller) was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His childhood was a tough one. Master P was brought up in a poor neighborhood filled with street gangs, while his own family, Percy has four other siblings, could barely make ends meet. To make matters even worse, his parents got divorced when he was only eleven, forcing his mother to take all her children and move to Richmond, California. As a result, Master P spent his time constantly driving from Richmond to New Orleans.

Due to his unfortunate surroundings, Percy got involved in a few minor crimes during his teenage years, yet he still managed to grow up a decent man with a dream of playing basketball and improving his local community. Life was going slow and steadily for Master P, until one day he found out that he received an inheritance of 10 000 dollars from his grandfather.

While most young men would waste all of that money on cars, alcohol and women, Miller, being a natural-born businessman, opened a music store in Richmond – “No Limit Records”, with it being focused on selling rap tapes. Master P proved to be very attentive to what was popular, and he used that information to create a small indie-label with the same name in the early 90’s, as the main office moved to New Orleans over time.

To Master P’s own admission, he was confident in his rap skills from the very beginning, but he didn’t want to depend on anyone else and be limited in his creative control, that’s why it was perfect for the artist to release his albums under his own label.

1992 marked the release of his debut studio album “Get Away Clean”, which, along with the two consecutive releases of “Mama’s Bad Boy” and “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me”, demonstrated that the newly found south style has a lot in common with West Coast gangsta-rap. Master P had a hard time getting his stuff out on the radios, so instead he focused on selling tapes and through his own distribution channels, he sold over 100 000 of them.

Unlike the majority of rappers, Master P didn’t get spoiled by the money and fame he received. Instead, he constantly invested his earnings into his label, while giving an equal opportunity to all of his soldiers. The door at No Limit Records was open to any talented artist that was ready to work hard and become a part of the family. The label gave a jumpstart to a large number of careers, including Mia X, Kane & Abel, Fiend, Sons of Funk and Mystikal.

Master P remained close to his family through his life, as two of his brothers, better known as Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder, helped him run the company, while the music part of their recordings was done by the Beats be the Pound team, where his cousin Mo B Dick was involved.

Master P


His rise to stardom was propelled when he released his hit single “Mr. Ice Cream Man” which featured on the album with the same name, in 1996. A year later, Master P truly exploded, as his album “Ghetto D” came out and skyrocketed through the charts, whilst sales hit above 761 000 copies, and the album went on to become triple platinum. Its biggest single, “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” is still Master P’s most famous single to date. His next album, “MP Da Last Don”, is his best-selling album to this day, as it sold more than four million copies overall.

The year 1997 marked Master P’s increased activity in the Movie business, as he spend his own money filming titles about the life in the ghetto. “I’m ‘Bout It, ‘Bout It” was released that year, which helped him take the 9-th spot on the Forbes rich list. In the following years, after receiving support from various distributors, he released an entire series of successful movies “I got the hook up”, “Tears of Clown”, “You only live once”, and “Foolish”.

Master P is famous not only for his music, but for his dedication towards helping the community through the P. Miller Youth Centers and his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless. He received a lot of recognition for his charitable work, as he was presented the key to the city of Memphis, and was granted the Certificate of Special Recognition by the Congress.

Master P is an enigma of the Hip Hop Industry. Unlike pretty much any other rap artist out there; his success had absolutely nothing to do with the two towers of rap music – New York and L.A. Instead, he dedicated his entire career to evolve the Hip Hop movement in his hometown area. And with an estimated fortune of $350m looks like the soldier who came up through the ghetto really has no limit, Master P we salute you.



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