DJ Sherlock Omz is a DJ/artist born and raised in SW London.  During hip-hops golden era of the 90s, was when Sherlock turned his hands to the wheels of steel and set about becoming the formidable party  DJ he is today. All though his musical roots have firmly grown from a Hip Hop background, his first musical heroes are artist such has, The Isley Brothers, Bob Marley through to Nigerian icon Fela Kuti (who Sherlock takes his middle name Fela from).  Having such a diverse musical heritage has made it a simplistic task for Sherlock to expend his performances has a DJ to a wide range of genres. Starting out specializing has a RnB and Hip Hop DJ Sherlock now has expended to Classic Dance, Electro Swing, Dance Hall and anything that gets the party jumping.

Way before he ever blessed his talent on an international platform Sherlock Omz started to make a name for himself playing at local parties and events. It was a holiday to the Greek island Crete, clubbing on the British tourist resort of Malia in 1998, was when his career has a DJ took an international turn. It was a time when urban music was really  beginning to take off in the mainstream charts; Sherlock quickly spotted a gap in the club scene in Malia which he quickly set about filling. By the summer of 2000 he was established has the FIRST resident DJ in Crete’s first ever  RnB club ‘The RnB Cafe’ (now in it’s 14th year) where he was resident for five summers. Not only did he play a pivotal role in helping RnB Cafe establish itself has one of the leading clubs on the resort, it also presented him the chance to play alongside DJ legends such has Tim Westwood and Smooth Keith Sutherland. While he has grow into a solid party DJ so has the list of clubs and countries he’s performed in. His journey has given a chance to play at venues such has Pacha Club in Lithuania and the Park Side Lounge in New York City.

Whiles playing music to hundreds of people at a time is second nature to him, Sherlock Omz took to song writing and rapping like a fish to water. Independently releasing two singles under Cold World Entertainment he then went on to dropping two mix tapes. The first single release ‘With A Style’ was well received on the underground circuit and was the main feature in … edition of FUTURE MUSIC MAGAZINE getting amazing reviews. His second solo mix tape release led him to collaborate with New York legendary DJ and hip hop producer DJ Ron G on the hard hitting track ‘King of the town’.

Has Sherlock approaches his second decade has a DJ he still has the burning ambition to ‘PERFORM IN MORE AMAZING COUNTRIES IN MORE AMAZING VENUES TO MORE AMAZING PEOPLE’ So watch this space, THE STORY CONTINUES!